System 2000 Energy Kinetics


Models EK-1 and EK-2

Available sizes:
EK-1 - 104,000/121,000 BTU/HR & EK-2 - 178,000/208,000 BTU/HR

Energy Converter:
Chimney venting Ideal for retrofit installations
Power vent chimneyless option available Save thousands on chimney construction
10 feet forced counterflow passages Maximum heat recovery
300o net stack temperature As high as 87.5% efficiency
Water content: EK-1 2.5 gal., EK-2 4 gal. Rapid heat up, cool down
Wet base design Minimizes heat losses
High temperature ceramic combustion chamber Incinerates fuel - clean, safe heat
jacket & Insulation: EK-1 90 lbs., EK-2 110 lbs. Minimizes heat losses
Buried combustion Quiet operation
3/16th pressure vessel steel throughout 50% thicker than boiler tubes
ASME code construction Carefully inspected, pressure tested
All welded and threaded connections No gaskets to leak or service
Built in deaerator Eliminates air from system. No "gurgles"
Back cover removable Easy to inspect and clean
Large open passages Easy to inspect and clean
Standard burner and accessories Serviceable with normal stock parts
Small size Compact installations
Storage Tank:
40 gallon capacity Plenty of storage for peak demands
80 and 120 gallon tank options Even more storage for extraordinary needs
2" thick foam insulation (equivalent to R - 15) Very low heat loss
Heat trap on outlet Stops heat drift
Glass lined with anode rod protection High corrosion resistance
Stainless steel or bronze circulating pump Trouble free, long life
Layered heat stratification Hottest water to outlet, cooler water at bottom for most efficient energy recovery
Adjustable aquastat For temperature control
Standard hot water storage tank - 12 year warranty Extended warranties
Hot Water Exchanger:
External unit Not in boiler, not in tank...easy access
Stainless steel construction Durable, corrosion resistant
Wrinkle flow counterflow heat transfer High turbulence for rapid heat transfer
120 to 240 GPH High output
Compact Low water content
Easily backwashed or chemically cleaned Maintains capacity even with marginal water conditions
Union connections Easily serviced
Zone Controls:
Motorized valves Quiet, proven and reliable
Zone circulators Optional
Standard or clock thermostats Uses conventional controls
Digital Energy Manager:
with Energy Recovery:
Solid state printed circuit Rugged and reliable
LED indicators For all functions; super service aid
5 zones standard Four heating zones, one hot water zone
Expand Up to 15 zones available
A complete Energy Manager Programmed response to heat and hot water demand
Quick connector terminals Easy installation or service
Printed circuit service board An easy way to check out system function
Limited lifetime warranty -
Natural Gas or Oil Operates on natural gas or oil and can be converted to either
Outside combustion air Isolated from home; whisper quiet operation
Pre-packaged units Installation time reduced
Outside Freedom Model Location optional
Mineral resistant hot water tanks Performs in severe water conditions


Many homeowners who try to save money by converting from expensive electric heat to oil find themselves up against a brick wall: The high cost of chimney construction.

But with System 2000's unique combustion chamber, combined with a 10 foot long flue passage, gases leave the system clean and relatively cool. This allows them to be vented directly through-the-wall.

An excellent benefit for homeowners with electric heat, heat pumps or new home construction. Power venting is the safest method of side wall venting.