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Below is a list of common problems and things to check before having to call a professional for a non-functioning heating system.


  • Is the system selector switch in the "HEAT" position?
  • Is the temperature set at least 3 degrees above current room temperature?
  • If your thermostat is electronic, are the batteries charged? Is the display showing?
  • (For Forced Air Furnaces Only) If your thermostat has a switch to control the furnace fan, switch the fan "ON". (This switch will usually be located at the bottom of the thermostat, closer to the left side and will be marked "ON" and "AUTO".) Listen to hear the furnace fan coming on. If you cannot hear the fan, go to one of the supply registers and see if you can feel any air coming out. If the fan is not running, there may be no power to the furnace.

If the thermostat is set properly, next step is to check to see that there is power to the furnace.


gas burner shutoff switch
  • Your heating system may be equipped with an emergency shut-off switch for the furnace. If your system is so equipped, locate it and make sure it is turned on. In most homes the emergency shut-off switch looks just like a regular light switch and will be located on the side or close to the furnace. (Sometimes there is a second switch at the top of the basement stairs) It is quite common for this switch to be turned off accidentally. If the switch is ON, but the fan still doesn't operate, proceed to the ELECTRICAL PANEL CHECK.
  • Some heating systems also have emergency cut-out switches that are activated when a door or service panel is removed. Often the furnace door is not replaced properly after a filter cleaning and the cut-out switch will prevent the furnace from coming on. Check to make sure all access doors are properly secured and fitted.


Here you are going to make sure that the main power is on to both the furnace and air conditioner. Locate the breaker or fuses in your home's main electrical panel for the furnace and air conditioning unit. Make sure the breakers are not tripped or the fuses are not blown.

tripped furnace circuit breaker
  • If your home has breakers, check to see if any are tripped. If a breaker has been tripped it will be in a position that is between ON and OFF. Reset the breaker (turn all the way OFF, then back ON).
  • If your home has fuses, check to see if the fuse for the furnace is blown. If so, replace it with the SAME SIZE AND TYPE of fuse. Do not increase the size of the fuse.
  • WARNING: If a breaker keeps tripping or a fuse keeps blowing, you should contact a qualified service technician to inspect your system to determine why you are having problems.
For more information on circuit breaker issues...


If your unit seems to be operating, but not producing any heat, the furnace may not actually be firing. If this is the case:

Check the following:
  • Do you have fuel? This may sound a little silly, but you'd be amazed at how many service calls are caused because the furnace ran out of fuel! If your unit is oil, or propane fired, check the level of fuel in the tanks. If you ran out of fuel, ordered some more, and now your furnace will not start, your unit may have to be reset. Some systems have a red reset button on the burner. Other sysems can be reset by turning system power off then back on. If it is oil-fired, the fuel pump may need to be primed. Check with a service technician.
  • If you have an older gas furnace with a standing pilot (one that is on all the time) look inside your furnace to see if it is on. If not, follow the instructions on the furnace to re-light the pilot. If after following the instructions, the pilot will not light or stay lit, call a service technician.


  • Broken or extremely loose fan belt.
  • Bound or tight blower motor - With power OFF to furnace try to turn blower shaft (should spin freely).
  • Bound gas inducer motor - If the furnace isn't working but the inducer is very hot, it could be stuck.
  • Broken gas ignitor.
  • Termination kit for Gas, PVC sidewall vented furnace is blocked by snow or another obstruction.
  • A completely clogged air filter can cause a no heating problem.
For Heat Pumps Only - Tips, Maintenance, & Information...

You should get to know your heating system BEFORE it stops working for you. Listen for the various sounds it makes, how long it stays on, and where everything is located. If you're unsure where things are, ask your service technician for a tour during your next maintenance inspection.

Please keep in mind that the information found on our website is provided free of charge and Hannabery HVAC does not assume any liability resulting from the information we provide. We hope this information helps, but please note that these are just rough guidelines, and not all possible situations are covered. Your HVAC system should be inspected and repaired by a trained technician.

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