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It is easy to get confused when selecting the proper central furnace/air conditioner air cleaner. The prices range from about $25 to more than $1,000 and many of them look similar. The specific model that is best for one family's problems may not be the best for another.

A good air cleaner may also lower your utility bills. By keeping the heat exchangers cleaner, they are more efficient. Also, some poor air cleaners create too much air flow resistance which harms air conditioner efficiency.

The primary air cleaner filtration methods are electronic, pleated media, and bypass type HEPA filters. First determine which specific allergens, dust, smoke, etc., that you need to remove. The effectiveness of each of the above designs varies depending on the size of allergen.

Electronic Air Cleaner

Electronic Air Cleaners operate on a similar concept, but the charge is created with electricity. If you have a problem with cigarette smoke, this design is particularly effective. The cells and filters must be cleaned regularly or they lose their effectiveness. These units are more expensive and require more work but are extremely efficient.

Media Air Cleaners

Pleated Media Air Cleaners work by simply trapping the particles. The better ones are thick and may require duct work modifications to install. They are not washable. But the filter media usually only needs to be replaced once to twice a year. Great for hard-to-get-to units, such as in attics or crawl-spaces.

Abatement Technologies CAP600 Series

This Bypass type whole-house air purification system from Abatement Technologies, uses a hospital-grade HEPA filter and a large carbon element for odors. It has its own blower to force the air through the HEPA filter element. This is a very effective filter for all allergens, but it is expensive, requires professional installation and uses electricity.


High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance

Healthcare professionals are increasingly recommending HEPA filtration technology for homes to help reduce the exposure of sensitive family members to common airborne allergens that can trigger or worsen adverse health reactions.

Hannabery HVAC offers a scope of services designed to keep your comfort to a maximum and your costs to a minimum. Especially when it comes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). We offer a full line of air cleaning products, accessories, and services for your home or office.


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