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How to Clean an Electrostatic Air Filter?

The following directions are for cleaning electrostatic air filters, including the Pliotron brand. These directions could also be used for similar types of permanent air filters, but always follow manufacturer's instructions first.

Cleaning the Air Filter:

Use a garden hose with good water pressure. The filter should have an arrow indicating airflow direction. First spray off the filter from the opposite side of the arrow. Then from the other side.You can repeat this process several times if needed. If the filter is very dirty, spray it with a detergent first and let soak for a few minutes. Then thoroughly spray off with water.

Just be careful not to use too much water pressure or damage could be done to the filter media. When the water runs clear and the filter is clean, simply shake off excess water, let it dry, then return to system.

Filter Cleaning Notes:

Water pressure from a sink or bathtub is usually not sufficient for cleaning. A good vacuum cleaner with an attachment can also be used to clean the filter if there is no access to a garden hose.

Also remember to turn your system off before removing the air filter, and then turn it back on after it has been reinstalled.

Electrostatic Air Filter Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

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