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How To Replace Air Cleaner Media For Aprilaire or Space-Gard Air Cleaners

Space-Gard, Aprilaire High Efficiency Air Cleaner with media replacement

Includes Models 2200, 2250, 2400


  • First make sure the system is powered off.
  • Remove the access door by lifting top and pulling door out.
  • Slide out the inner assembly from the housing.
Air Cleaner exploded view

Air Cleaner exploded view


  • The black plastic pleat spacers should be facing up. Open both end panels by releasing latches on the sides.
  • Remove the pleat spacers from the black holding brackets. They should pop out.
  • Flip up the black holding brackets.
  • Lift the cardboard flaps clear. Compress the old media and remove.
  • Discard properly. Can be put into box of the new media, once it is removed.


  • Take care when handling the new media. It must remain intact to perform properly.
  • Examine the media. Have the alignment yarn side facing up. Place one cardboard flap over the flange. Expand the media until it reaches the other side and place the other cardboard flap over the other flange.
  • Caution: Be sure the media is centered in the inner housing.
  • Place the holding brackets over the cardboard flaps the same way they were removed.


  • To install the spacers start at one end and carefully place one prong of the spacer into each pleat until you reach the other side. It may seem difficult or tedious at first. But once you get the first spacer in place, the rest gets much easier.
  • Repeat the process until all spacers are installed.
  • Note: It is easier to install the spacers close together and then move them apart. The spacers' ends align with notches on the holding brackets and snap together.
  • Close the end panels and snap side latches closed.


  • Slide the inner assembly back into the outer housing.
  • Replace the access door.
  • Turn the system back on.
  • Repeat process in 6 months depending on usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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