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Turn Off Humidifier After Heating Season:

Aprilaire Humidifier with damper closed

Many people with central humidifiers go into the cooling season forgetting to shut down the humidifier for the summer. A central air conditioner will not cool or dehumidify properly if the humidifier is running. So please remember to turn your humidifier off at the end of each heating season. But not only that, you should use this time to clean your humidifier and remove or replace the water panel.

Aprilaire Humidifier with damper open


  1. Step 1...
    Turn the humidistat to the off position or the lowest percent of relative humidity. The humidistat is usually installed on the return air plenum above or near the humidifier, but sometimes it is installed on the wall near your thermostat.
  2. Step 2...
    Close the bypass duct damper or turn it to the Summer position. It can be found at the humidifier or in the round duct connected to it. *Note - Not all humidifiers have duct dampers.
  3. Step 3...
    Turn off the water-supply to the humidifier. If you are unsure how, just follow the quarter inch water line from the humidifier. (It is either copper or plastic). Turn the valve clockwise until it stops. *Note - If the valve is a saddle valve, the type that clamps on to a copper water pipe, it might not provide 100% shut-off.
  4. Step 4...
    Clean the humidifier, remove or replace the water panel, and leave dry until winter. *Note - If you have a float type humidifier with a saddle valve (such as the GeneralAire Model 81) that doesn't provide 100% shut-off, you can either manually lift the float by placing an object underneath it to keep the base dry, or you need to have your saddle valve inspected or replaced. Then clean or replace pad, drum, pan, and float.

humidifier saddle valve

If this sounds like too much work, call us, we can do it for you!



Humidex Tablets for cleaning humidifier.
  • If you have a GeneralAire Model 81 humidifier, or another float-type humidifier, or even a portable humidifier, we suggest using Humidex tablets. They're great for hard water areas. They kill odor causing bacteria, maintain peak humidifier performance and make it much easier to clean and less often. Vial of 12 tablets. Also extends life of humidifier parts.
  • For The Best Performance - Change water panels or pads annually!


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