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Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts
Replaced a very expensive electric heating system with a High-Efficiency Gas-fired boiler, which provides a warmer, more comfortable heat at a much lower cost. The new system also provides high efficiency air conditioning in the summer as well.

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Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts, Bethlehem, PA:

Existing System and Complaints - Kemerer Museum had electric heating, extremely high operating costs, expensive repair bills, and poor zone control.

Main Goals - To have a new high efficiency system with lower operating costs, easier to maintain and service, better control of zoning and all done without disturbing the integrity of the Museum and it's artifacts.

HVAC Challenges - This job created many challenges for us. Minimal room for equipment and finding ways to conceal our work without disturbing the historic nature of the building was one of them. Having to work around sensitive material, art work, and customers of the Museum meant we had to be very careful, clean and quiet.

The Answer - Hannabery HVAC installed a High Efficiency Gas-fired boiler in the basement. We ran flexible radiant tubing through an un-used chimney to reach certain parts of the building. We installed hydronic heating coils in the air handlers and disconnected the old, expensive electric resistance heating coils. We installed outdoor lockout thermostats for optimum efficiency.

Further Details - The Boiler room was very small; so for easier servicing we mounted all of the circulators, controls and plate exchanger on a wall outside of the boiler room. We also brought in fresh air for proper combustion through the use of an inducer fan which operates with the boiler. The result - we achieved all of the goals set forth by Kemerer Museum.

Equipment Details - Burnham Model 206HNS Stainless steel gas-fired hot water boiler. Boiler has automatic vent damper for increased efficiency - 84%. 7 zones of hydronic heating coils with independent zone valves and circulators in existing heat pumps, hot water storage tank for domestic heating.


Customer Comments - Hannabery HVAC did a super job installing our new gas heating system. A good heating system is vital for a museum that cares for and collects priceless treasures from our community's past. We need to be sure that the temperature inside the museum remains constant year-round so that our valuable artifacts are protected for future generations.

The Hannabery people were knowledgable and worked quickly, but carefully. Hannabery HVAC came highly recommended when Historic Bethlehem's Kemerer Museum was investigating ways to save on heating costs. Historic Bethlehem recommends Hannabery HVAC most highly.

Meg Sharp Walton, Historic Bethlehem, PA

About The Museum - The Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts is a member of Historic Bethlehem and is one of the finest small decorative arts museums in Pennsylvania. Since 1954, the Kenerer Museum uses period rooms, gallery settings and changing programs to present to the visitor nearly three hundred years of folk art, furnishings, paintings, and historical fine arts. Unique collections of Bohemian glass, cast-iron toys, maps, prints and textiles open windows to the everyday style of the past.

The Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 12 - 4 p.m. During the holiday season hours are extended. Guided tours cost $5 for adults; $3 children (6-12), and children under 6 - free. Please visit our website to learn more about Historic Bethlehem's other museums, sites, programs and events.

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