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Energy Kinetics System 2000 and Radiant Heating System
Energy Kinetics System 2000 Oil-fired boiler with 10 zone Energy Manager. Also in view are the labled zone valves, main circulator, temperature/pressure gauge, automatic air vent, and high limit control.

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Keith Peifley, Walnutport, PA:

Main Goals - Keith had a fairly extensive wishlist. He wanted: Warm floors in the winter, no drafts, total zone control of the entire house, unlimited hot water, energy efficiency, low operating costs and high efficiency air conditioning in the summer. That's not asking for much, is it???

HVAC Challenges - There really were no major challenges for this job, it was pretty much straight-forward. This was mostly a matter of being patient; installing the radiant tubing above head, below the floors, piping and wiring all of the zones to not only look and work well but to be easily serviced if need be. And finally, tweaking the system; purging, balancing, testing and running through all of the different functions.

The Answer - Hannabery HVAC installed two York High Efficiency Heat Pumps and an Energy Kinetics System 2000 High Efficiency Oil-fired boiler in the basement. The boiler takes care of all the domestic hot water needs through the use of a plate exchanger, circulator and hot water storage tank. It provides supplemental heat to the heat pumps through the use of hydronic coils installed at the air handlers and it handles the in-floor radiant heat as well. The radiant heating zones are completely zoned throughout the house for greater comfort and efficiency. There are two storage tanks that hold and distribute the hot water for the radiant system. The Boiler delivers the hot water to these tanks through the use of plate exchangers and circulators.

Further Details - We installed outdoor thermostats to lockout the heat pumps below a set temperature (approx 40 degrees) for optimum efficiency. Through the use of sensors in the floors we are utilizing what is called a "warm floor system". Besides heating with the heat pumps, the floors are also heated by circulating warm water. This system is both comfortable and efficient. The Heat Pumps also deliver excellent cooling in the summer. The result - we achieved all of Keith's goals.

Equipment Details - Energy Kinetics System 2000 Model EK-1 Oil-fired Boiler. The burner has a sealed burner box utilizing 100% outside air for combustion. Two York High Efficiency E1FH Stellar Model Heat Pumps with matching indoor Air Handlers, hydronic coils and three Hot Water Storage tanks.


Customer Conclusion - I first heard about Hannabery HVAC from friends and co-workers that had used their services. I chose Hannabery after investigating the systems that they had to offer and comparing competitor systems and prices.

My installation has large open areas, therefore a hybrid system combining heat pumps with a low mass oil system and radiant in-floor heat was the most effective system. Hannabery offered effective efficient system solutions and was willing to work with me throughout the installation, even on the details. I was impressed with the workmanship and professionalism of the employees. I would certainly recommend Hannabery HVAC.

Thank you,
Keith Peifley, Walnutport, PA

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