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Honeywell Round Thermostat

An Up-To-Date Twist On a Honeywell Classic!

Honeywell T8775 Digital Round Thermostatl
Heat/Cool Non-Programmable

Features one-touch backlighting, with set-point temperature memory in case of power failure!

It's Modern and it's Retro!

The T8775 Digital Round® Thermostat provides temperature control for 24V heating-cooling systems with manual changeover from heat to cool.

The thermostat that is so easy to use

The T8775 Digital Round® Thermostat is powered through your heating system controls, so no batteries are required.

The T8775 Digital Round® features one touch backlighting, set-point retention in case of power failure and is easy to use with a familiar twist to set functionality. It includes flame and snowflake icons to indicate heating and cooling modes respectively.

The Perfect Replacement for Your Old T87F Round Thermostat, and it's Easy to Use!

The T8775 Digital Round®...


Features & Benefits:

  • Large, Clear Backlit Digital Display... Easy to read in various lighting conditions. The On-demand backlighting makes it easy to read the display in a dark room or hallway.
  • Precise Comfort Control... +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit, maintaining consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy!
  • Easy to Use... Simply twist the dial to adjust the temperature setting!
  • Selectable Heating Cycle Rates... 1, 3, 6, 9 cph (cycles per hour) for a variety of applications. Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display.
  • Extremely Reliable... The setpoint temperature is held permanently in memory in the event of a power failure.

Backed by an impressive 5-year Manufacturers warranty!

Applications: 24 volts, works with all conventional systems (Gas, Electric, and Oil)

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